Digital Highway to Rural Tanzania
Broad Band Africa

Digital Highway to Rural Tanzania

The film sparked an engaged discussion of the current situation in Tanzania, recent developments in technology and the new initiatives in the area. While access to broadband and internet has been costly and cumbersome, things are changing

Website oAfrica about Broad Band Africa

The website oAfrica contain an up-to-date overview on the way people in different African countries are using the Internet. They routinely post news summaries, analyze data, and scour social media channels to find the latest information. In short you could say that oAfrica is a showcase of the dynamic African digital landscape.

We are happy to tell that the website made a recent post about the documentary Broad Band Africa, thereby making the movie more accessible for a wider audience. The website stresses the educational value of the movie but believes it can also appeal to a wider crowd.

Is ICT4D wrongly evaluated?

 ICT as a luxury tool !
Back in the 80s, the developmental partners look at ICT as luxury in aiding the less developed countries.

How can you talk about the email and communications while people do not have safe water to drink or food to eat?

Big hope and ICT as means of the development

In the 90s, everything changed, ICT seemed to be like messiah in developmental aid. ICT is a solution for all the problems in the developing World. Streaming ICT into key sectors such as water, energy, health Governance etc. ICT were expected to transform the entire human race to unlimited prosperous!

Evaporate of hope!

Again the enthusiasm on ICT as rescuer recently has dramatically evaporated. The developmental agencies look to the whole range of the failed ICT related projects. Now, they compare high hope of ICT in developmental spheres to the DOTCOM bubble in 2000s !

Are we asking the right questions?!

Researchers, policymakers are now asking questions, is it true that ICT failed to lift up millions from poverty? Do we have all necessary measurements ? Have we measure all aspect of the impact of ICT on development to reach the disappointment conclusion ?

Ricardo and Shaun has expanded the perspective of ICT and development in their groundbreaking research paper, read it at

Content is King

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Internet traffic today is 10 times what it was just five years ago. In five years, there will be more traffic on the Internet in five minutes than there was all year in 1996, and practically all of that growth comes from video transport.“  CEO Patrick Brown … read more at